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From the city about us we could hear the din of great commotion, and quite close the sounds of battle--the crack of thousands of rifles, the yells of the soldiers, the hoarse commands of officers, and the blare of bugles.
As they passed over the drawbridge, Alleyne marked the gleam of arms in the embrasures to right and left, and they had scarce set foot upon the causeway ere a hoarse blare burst from a bugle, and, with screech of hinge and clank of chain, the ponderous bridge swung up into the air, drawn by unseen hands.
Abraham and 'Liza-Lu sobbed, Hope and Modest discharged their griefs in loud blares which echoed from the walls; and when Prince was tumbled in they gathered round the grave.
The TBE-804 Blare Bluetooth Earphone is available at all leading e-commerce platforms at a price of Rs.
ClickPress, Wed Jul 22 2015] In the descriptive, suspenseful style of Dani Pettrey and Terri Blackstock, author Renee Blare pens the trials and tribulations of a small Wyoming town.
In addition, the blare of loudspeakers installed at Naqshe Jahan for various ceremonies also has caused damage to monuments located around the square, CAIS said.
Qualities such as stillness, slowness and asceticism speak of a different sort of world and are a quiet retort to the blare, bustle and sensory overload of modern Japan.
Raab also screamed at Dawson regularly, used speakers to blare loud music at Dawson's house, shot holes in Dawson's outbuilding, and threw dead animals in his yard.