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We just know since he moved in, the music has been blaring," she said.
Shaikh Salman Bin Eisa Al Khalifa, the head of the Sunni Endowments, said: "I urge all people who wish to complain about blaring broadcasts to contact our offices so that we can take action.
Graham Vince, 55, upset neighbours for six months by blaring out tasteless tunes music from his Norwich flat.
blar and blaring her and talking a load of nonsense to fill this text box.
Meanwhile, they and the driver ignored the music that was blaring from a personal sound system being worn by one passenger.
The heavy use of big, boldface headers, symbols and the occasional cartoon set this book apart from most business volumes; indeed, the blaring presentation wears out its welcome quickly.
and I still get a rush of pleasure by reaching over to its blaring noise and gently slam down the small button that signals that my life has changed.
In March, Howard Woolridge set out on horseback from Los Angeles to New York City wearing a T-shirt blaring the capitalized declaration: "COPS SAY LEGALIZE POT, ASK ME WHY.
Even in my predominantly white neighborhood, The Italian Market, you could hear "Is It the Way (You Love Me)" blaring from the butcher shops on Saturdays.
For example, the opening episode of an Egyptian series about an Alexandrian wheeler-dealer went on the air with an incomplete sound mix, so that the dialog in important expository scenes was completely inaudible under a blaring track of incidental music.
Skipper Michael Vaughan was left fuming with the music still blaring as the clocks ticked towards 4.