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There were occasional gunshots competing with blaring music.
" The song "Huli Na" was blaring from the speaker, which she held close to her heart.
The only sound that broke the silence around the city centre during the unusually strict phase of restrictions was the call for prayer blaring from mosque loudspeakers.
Bank holiday tailbacks come a close second (42 per cent), followed by boy racers blaring loud music out of open windos (32 per cent), in the top 10 summer driving dislikes.
But I wonder how many more want to leave due to the incessant racket from low flying choppers at 4am and the unavoidable but relentless sound of sirens blaring over the city at all hours of the day and night?
Simon, who works for the NHS, said: "Music is blaring out, the beer is flowing and everyone has been having a good time.
Rewind to last Thursday night, and I'm alone in my kitchen, blaring Nine Inch Nails' "Head Like a Hole" and singing at the top of my lungs.
Men were twice as likely to have an accident because of the tunes blaring out compared to women, the research found.
Washington, July 27 ( ANI ): Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have revealed that since Justin Bieber moved next door they feel that they are living in Lebanon because of the blaring music.
--And O my girl turn your naked breasts against my chest and let my hands release their fever on your thighs and belly and throat O let my mouth suck the dear breath out of your lungs and let my hurting need and hunger like a fire of bulls pour themselves clean into your soft waiting flesh and let no sparrow anywhere fall or any sad guy get kicked out into the street O let the rain and the snow and the bitter wind beat in vain on the shacks of the poor and keep that beautiful goddam horn blaring away right in the face of all their filthy governments.
They parade up and down the street at all times of the day and night, except when they're in school, blaring out quotes from popular marching band tunes on their trumpets, tubas, trombones, and drums.
Police sources said that a family was playing music loudly and one of their neighbours asked them to reduce volume of the blaring music.