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In short, she felt that fear which takes possession of nearly all authors when they read over a work they have hitherto thought proof against every exacting or blase critic: new situations seem timeworn; the best-turned and most highly polished phrases limp and squint; metaphors and images grin or contradict each other; whatsoever is false strikes the eye.
Yes, you are too clever, and I too experienced,--too blase, if you like,--for either of us to deceive the other.
Roy and Sharon Blase began running the fun days at the Lord Hill to raise money for charity soon after they took over in 2009, and it quickly became a tradition at every bank holiday of the year.
Cardinal Blase Cupich has asked Boland to serve as a consultant during the search, until he begins a sabbatical in November.
Blase and Blase (2000) identified certain behaviors of IL like providing road map, monitor policies, provide resources, giving feedback, provide opportunities, promote professional growth and admire teaching learning process .
People suffering from diseases of the throat are encouraged to seek the intercession of Saint Blase (San Blas) as the Roman Catholic Church observes the feast of the patron saint of individuals suffering from health problems involving the throat on February 3.
STUDENTS at the University of Huddersfield have demanded the immediate resignation of its Chancellor, Prince Andrew, following what they describe as his "blase attitude" towards the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
"Any team can take points off you and to think there are certain games you should just turn for and win is a very blase way of thinking."
Chief Inspector Ramil Villagracia, T'boli town police chief, said Rey Blase, of the NPA Guerilla Front 73 under the Far South Mindanao Region Command, was arrested Wednesday in a hinterland area of the town on charges of abduction, kidnapping and arson.
-- Cardinal Blase Cupich in a column explaining that racism is the United States' original sin (Chicago Catholic)
"We were very proud to support this event, which brought together high-profile women in the field of construction to encourage, inspire, guide and motivate other women," said Maria Blase, president of HVAC and Transport Latin America, executive sponsor of the WEN Latin America, and founding member of Ingersoll Rand's Progressive, Diverse and Inclusive (PDI) board.
I don't know if it's a culmination of his past betrayals and his blase attitude about this party he "forgot" to mention, which in my mind is a pretty crucial piece of information about his weekend away.