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Villagracia said they received a tip from concerned citizens that Blase had been hiding in Sitio Tabudbod in Barangay New Dumangas, T'boli, an upland town and one of the NPA infiltrated areas in South Cotabato.
Chief Insp, Ramil Villagracia, T'boli police chief, identified the suspect as Rey Blase,44, a leader of the NPA-Front 73 operating in the provinces of South Cotabato and Sarangani, who was nabbed by police operatives in his house in Barangay Dumangas here last Thursday.
Approaching this subject at NAILBA 35 in Dallas was Justin Blase (seen here at right), director of digital strategy at Insurance Forums.
In one incident motorway police imposed a rolling road block on the M42 while an Armed Res-ponse Vehicle in t e r-cepted a The last is a blase someone probably Det Insp BMW heading south near junction five.
Blase for music volunteers but that does not deter them from wanting to participate in the various choirs.
How he can be so blase about getting rid of people's jobs or attacking council workers' rights, pay and conditions by telling the unions that the council intends to sack all its workers and re-employ them on draconian different pay-and-conditions contracts?
Sometimes you can go in at number one and get a little blase.
My dad, Sam Blase, was 33 years old when the draft board first called him in 1942.
Research indicates that principals can indeed have a positive if indirect effect on student achievement (Hallinger & Heck, 1998; Marzano, Waters, & McNulty, 2005; Witziers, Bosker, & Kruger, 2003), and these effects are mediated through the principal's ability to shape relationships among school staff and the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of teachers (Anderson, 2004; Basom & Frase, 2004; Blase & Blase, 1999; Short, 1994; Davis & Wilson, 2000; Keedy & Simpson, 2001; Spillane & Thompson, 1997).
But Ulrika's blase acceptance of her massive fee for moping around the BB house insults every mother in the country who works a whole lot harder for a whole lot less money.
Healthcare providers fuss so much about small deviations in LDL or sodium levels but continue to be blase about Lp(a).