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One could certainly argue that scrap recycling does not deserve the dubious honor of being labeled "the dirtiest business," but the daily practice of handling the discards of others has indeed proven profitable for the three Blase brothers.
Malamut, Blase and other van staff may spend 30 or more minutes with each patient, giving exams, prescribing medications, demonstrating how to use inhalers, going over what the medications do and explaining the biology behind asthma and asthma attacks.
The process of naming a new chairman for the Financial Reconstruction Commission, the central administrative agency for financial affairs, demonstrated how blase politicians can be when it comes to crucial financial policy.
The idea is to build relationships and position clients as resident experts," says Blase.
Our analysis identifies three margin destroying flaws inherent in the cost reduction efforts of many companies where costs are growing faster than revenues," said Paul Blase, Diamond's managing partner of Business Design and Performance Improvement.
I understand the world moves on and we get a little bit blase because there is so much live football on the television.
People are getting blase about them, but it's the next goal we can achieve and it's worth achieving.
It may have been a pretty blase weekend for football -- a truncated Sunday schedule, lots of blah games, and some of the fantastic finishes being aided and abetted by shoddy tackling (see Giants, Panthers) and scattershot passing (see Delhomme, Grossman and E.
Nordstrom's style is indebted to others and his subjects are largely throwbacks to blase society life, but that doesn't mean they register as bland or unadventurous.
Kristie Blase and Olivia Hussey, two former interns in the General Counsel's Office, were the winning team members on Oct.
I'm not being blase but it would be nice to be the first team in Britain to win its league.
But the blase response to the pro-anorexia and pro-deaf reports indicates that the inability or refusal to accept reality does not seem as bizarre as it once did.