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Rushdie has been in hiding since 1989, when the late Iranian leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini declared that he had blasphemed Islam in ``The Satanic Verses.
In the next-to-last poem, an Exegi monumentum of sorts, Armalinsky says that he "guffawed, blasphemed, and used coarse language" and "would tear off the cover of shame when used as a disguise.
The point of the March for Life is not in the first place to celebrate life but to commemorate the awful mistake of May 14, 1969 when Parliament blasphemed against God and decided that Canadians may kill newly conceived babies "legally" and with impunity.
If we dare to take a bus, we are blasphemed for taking up too much space.
We do not want our faith to be blasphemed and ridiculed.
Amin certainly blasphemed and violated God in the people he brutally murdered and tortured, but he still remained someone created in God's image.
Ayatollah Khomeini said The Satanic Verses blasphemed against Islam.
He said: "In the walls of silence about the abduction of Madeleine McCann, the murder of Rhys Jones and the failure for any to take responsibility for the Omagh bombing - God is being violated and blasphemed.
When Salman Rushdie blasphemed against Islam in his book The Satanic Verses and a fatwa was issued against him, the British Government rightly spent millions of pounds protecting him from those who wished to kill him.
It was imposed in 1989 by former Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini, who said the book blasphemed against Islam.
My good friend Salman Taseer was killed by a security guard because he heard in the media that the governor had blasphemed.