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He stated that whoever make false accusation of blasphemy on another person, he should be handed the same punishment that a blasphemer is given.
During the show, 18-year-old Malala was allegedly described as a traitor, blasphemer and foreign agent over her campaigns for education for girls.
Ahmed quickly singled him out and called him a "blasphemer" in front of the congregation, Nosher Ali, the head of the local police station, told Reuters on Sunday.
With A Sympathetic Hanging (2000) and The Blasphemer (2010), columnist Nigel Farndale's fiction opened and marked the end of the last literary decade with ethical and aesthetic issues such as political conspiracy and intimate chaos.
Over centuries he has become better known by those who have written about him - as a mentally unbalanced blasphemer.
John Newton, blasphemer and cruel slave trader, experienced a furious storm at sea and desperately prayed for divine mercy.
The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the killing, saying the minister had been "punished" for being a blasphemer.
Ashton called for the authorities, who arrested Taseer's bodyguard at the scene after witnesses reported that he fired nine shots into his chest at close range and bragged he was "proud" to kill a blasphemer, to "bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice".
Gravelle, a horror novella,The Temple of the Dead: book 2 of Sepulchral Earth by Tim Marquitz dark fantasy, horror novella, and Blasphemer by Phil Emery, a dark fantasy novella.
In 1998 the Roman Catholic bishop of the Pakistani diocese of Faisalabad, John Joseph, grew deeply depressed over the fact that no lawyer could be found who was willing to defend an accused Christian blasphemer. He decided to dramatize what the blasphemy laws were doing to his flock by killing himself--despite the fact that suicide is a grave sin in the eyes of his church.
THE BLASPHEMER by Nigel Farndale (Doubleday pounds 10.99) ***