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For that very reason, British government had enacted a similar law in the Sub-continent in 1860, and amended it with imprisonment clause for blasphemers in 1927 soon after Ghazi Ilm Din Shaheed's incident.
Justice Siddiqui had directed the Director of FIA and IG Islamabad to exercise extreme precaution while identifying blasphemers.
In March, Justice Siddiqui had ordered placing the name of alleged blasphemers on the Exit Control List (ECL).
The expert further stated that the movement led by Rizvi was so harsh that it convinced people to execute blasphemers.
The fact, that all those characters killed as blasphemers in the history of Islam were habitual and hard-core criminals, unlike Asia Bibi who was just a housewife, they are hardly mentioned.
However, self-appointed guardians of faith deal with the pursuit, capture and lynching of blasphemers, which tyrannises society.
MULTAN -- Chief of Pakistan Awami Raaj, MNA Jamshaid Dasti said on Monday that social media blasphemers should be tried in military courts.
Saudi Arabia is a country that kills gays, heretics, blasphemers, and apostates.
Justice Khosa was apprehensive that if people had the authority to punish alleged blasphemers, then chaos will reign.
This book is a study in historical theology, looking at two London-based clergymen of the late 16th and 17th centuries who were notorious in their time as heretics and blasphemers.
Addressing workers convention at Vanike Tarar today he said that like terrorists blasphemers who injured the sentiments of the Muslims should also be hanged.
In Algiers, they demonstrated peacefully after chanting against blasphemers of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).