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The Libyan clergies called on the world community to shoulder their responsibility and take a clear position towards the blaspheming of our prophet, calling on human rights organizations to mount pressure on their governments to enact legislations and laws criminalizing the defaming of Islamic sanctuaries.
When it comes to talking about Roman Abramovich, Chelsea managers tend to be like the blaspheming peasant in the Life of Brian, sentenced to be stoned to death for uttering the b st n d or ing word 'Jehovah'.
The accused, Ghulam Ali Asghar, a resident of Chinji village in Talagang tehsil, was booked on November 2011, on a charge of blaspheming the Holy Prophet by misquoting a Hadith in Punjabi language, reports The Dawn.
According to a statement issued by the PM House, the decision was taken after the website refused to block a US film blaspheming the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
3 million for the death of Rushdie, who since 1989 has been the target of a Iranian fatwa calling for his murder for allegedly blaspheming Islam and its Prophet Mohammed in his book "The Satanic Verses.
In Pakistan, Asia Bibi, a Catholic woman, age 46, has been in solitary confinement for over a year resulting from trumped up charges of blaspheming against the Koran.
has been accused of blaspheming the Prophet, a crime she denies to have
According to Palestinian sources, several of the walls were desecrated with graffiti blaspheming the Prophet Mohammad.
In other words, blaspheming, casual racism and unspeakably dirty acts under the bed covers.
Glorify God for all the comforts of life and please stop moaning and blaspheming your mother India.
According to Habib, Wahab is humiliating and blaspheming only those local, Arab and international liberal figures who contradict the policy of his masters outside the Lebanese borders.
NOTE: Mosque officials report that an unknown white man in his 40s entered the same facility during prayer time on April 4 of this year shouting, "Stop this blaspheming.