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Thou dreamest that thou art wise because thou couldst utter those blasphemous words," he went on, with a somber and scornful smile.
It is more blasphemous than that thing which is swiping our meat," I replied, for whatever the thing was, it had leaped upon our deer and was devouring it in great mouthfuls which it swallowed without mastication.
To be enraged with a dumb thing, Captain Ahab, seems blasphemous.
Little by little I have been piecing together the things that you said which sounded blasphemous to me then with the things that I have seen in my past life and dared not even think about for fear of bringing down upon me the wrath of Issus.
I never will," the poor child said; yet I saw her wince whenever the captain raised that hoarse voice of his in more and more blasphemous exhortation; and I began to fear with Ready that the man was drunk.
The genial disdain of Michel Rollin, who called them impostors, was answered by him with vituperation, of which crapule and canaille were the least violent items; he amused himself with abuse of their private lives, and with sardonic humour, with blasphemous and obscene detail, attacked the legitimacy of their births and the purity of their conjugal relations: he used an Oriental imagery and an Oriental emphasis to accentuate his ribald scorn.
Item, that upon brother Ambrose reproving him for this blasphemous wish, he did hold the said brother face downwards over the piscatorium or fish-pond for a space during which the said brother was able to repeat a pater and four aves for the better fortifying of his soul against impending death.
Sajid Masih of Shahdara was called by the Cyber Crime Wing at their Regal Chowk Office for allegedly uploading some blasphemous content on a Facebook group.
Summary: Lahore [Pakistan], Feb 21 (ANI): Scores of activists of religious parties surrounded a Christian colony in Lahore, demanding the arrest of a Christian man who allegedly posted blasphemous content on the social media.
ISLAMABAD -- The amended draft of Prevention of Electronic Crime Act 2016 has been filed in Islamabad High Court (IHC) during the course of hearing of petition filed against blasphemous material on social media.
Talking to The Express Tribune, Kayani said changes in Peca are aimed at curbing blasphemous actions committed online.
ISLAMABAD -- The anti-terrorism court (ATC) hearing a case regarding blasphemous content on social media issues non-bailable warrants against three witnesses who have been a no-show since proceedings began.