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Nether "cheeks" blackened and bobbing up to the surface of the pitch here blasphemously evoke this icon of the Sacred Face.
It blasphemously assumes a pretended power Christ never used.
If he had only thought twice before blasphemously using his tongue, he would have recalled the fact the he graduated from an American university," said Sakr.
The all-girl punk band wilfully, maliciously and blasphemously desecrated a Russian Orthodox Church.
When he says peace, he means war, and when he blasphemously uses the name of the Almighty, he means the power of evil, the fallen angel, Satan.
and there holding in his hands said New Testament, wickedly and blasphemously .
Insisting on a familial relationship between the young workers and their masters, the speaker confronts "my brothers" with the children's unbelief, which they confirm by blasphemously questioning God's existence (BC, 9:344).
And what better way to celebrate a godless, soulless existence than a gradually building sonic tapestry of fuzzy organs, blasphemously smug vocals and nihilistic buzz words?
After breaking my head over the question for many years, I decided that the problem was not primarily with the irrational answers given by Augustine, Luther, Calvin, and others, eliminating human free will and blasphemously describing God as creating the majority of humans just in order to cast them into hell for all eternity.
While this discourse might be read as blasphemously replacing religion, it replicates the religions, providential narrative, replacing God, per haps, with science, but maintaining its structure intact.
There are others, of course, who blasphemously aver that we have no future.
The modern detached condition means that when catastrophe happens, the malefactor whose actions contributed to its likelihood consoles his conscience, in Ross's phrase, "by blasphemously calling it an 'accident' or 'an act of God.