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Having blasphemously burned the Quran as a deliberate affront, Tamburlaine addresses Mahomet as if he were a god, defying him to "work a miracle" and claiming that he is "not worthy to be worshipped / That suffers flames of fire to burn the writ / Wherein the sum of thy religion rests" (5.1.187-89).
To paraphrase Metz, their witness to the presence of God not in spite of history but in and through histories inscribed blasphemously on women's bodies represents a refusal to be consoled by myths.
Meanwhile, migrant Visayans and other Filipinos overseas bring with them the devotion to the Santo Nino, humorously if a tad blasphemously caricatured by Filipino-American stand-up comic Rex Navarrete as the Pinoy version of Superman and the toy soldiers of the West.
The band was what we can (blasphemously) borrow from rock's lexicon to describe as a 'supergroup': Parker on saxophone; Dizzy Gillespie on trumpet; Charles Mingus on bass; Bud Powell on piano; and Max Roach on drums.
(72-73) The reader, interpreting through Rider's perspective, begins, as John Limon notes, to see black "life blasphemously as a crap game with loaded dice" (428).
Graham), the late theorist Jacques Derrida writes that, before the destruction of Babel, "the great Semitic family was establishing its empire, which it wanted universal, and its tongue, which it also attempted to impose on the universe." In a witty play of deconstruction of the tale in Genesis, Derrida suggests that rather than for blasphemously attempting to deify ourselves by building a tower high enough to reach the heavens, God instead cast mankind into a confusion of tongues for the greater sin of trying to conquer the world with a single dominant language.
They are using it blasphemously to try and justify their bigoted violence and hatred.
"The slave, to remain a slave," Justice Thomas Ruffin wrote in his decision, "must be made sensible, that there is no appeal from his master; that his power is in no instance, usurped; but is conferred by the laws of man at least, if not by the law of God." The words of Ruffin blasphemously perverted the words of St.
That would amount (blasphemously) to 'No-saying' pseudo-philosophy; a proper 'Yes-saying' philosophy affirms each one's domain rights to (what he called) 'the great hunt' of the experimenter (BGE 45) (11).
Nabucco Welsh National Opera at Birmingham Hippodrome IN Verdi's biblical opera the Babylonian king Nabucco is struck down by Jehovah for having blasphemously declared himself a deity.
A wonderfully (perhaps blasphemously) imaginative answer to this question comes from the new illustrated online story series Radzyn by writer Michael Weber and illustrator Joel Golombeck.
The unluckiest even tempt the fate of their species: "It is absolutely necessary, for the peace and safety of mankind, that some of earth's dark, dead corners and unplumbed depths be let alone; lest sleeping abnormalities wake to resurgent life, and blasphemously surviving nightmares squirm and splash out of their black lairs to newer and wider conquests."