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The interior blast mill design has no moving parts, which prevents pinching and jamming of small parts and reduces maintenance.
An early Magma adopter, TI has been instrumental in shaping enhancements to the Blast Fusion system.
Sensitive seismic listening posts around the world picked up only some of the nuclear blasts India said it detonated last week, according to U.
This stunt, especially from the open-end side, made it very difficult to run the blast.
With Blast Create, the front-end designers were able to accurately predict the final timing of the link block prior to handing it off to the back-end designers.
Quartz RC can be accessed within the Blast Fusion flow or can be used as a standalone system by ASIC designers via industry-standard LEF/DEF (Library Exchange Format/Design Exchange Format) input.
Among the residents startled by last week's blast was Michelle Koetke, chairwoman of Residents to Preserve Newbury Park and an opponent of Dos Vientos Ranch.
creates, designs, develops, manufactures and markets proprietary blast mitigation materials.
As a result, the process excels at cleaning small detail and lettering that often require additional blasting during abrasive blast cleaning.
A possible result, he speculates, is that geologists may reassess ``hazard zones'' marked on maps at Yosemite - and possibly other mountainous national parks - to take air blasts into account.
Magma's Blast FPGA offers an effective blend of increased automation and advanced technology, maximizing productivity and ensuring that designers can quickly, confidently reach design closure.
A third dynamite blast failed today to remove a huge boulder that trapped people in a highway tunnel in northern Japan.