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To celebrate the arrival of Blast Off in Coventry, Toys R Us are offering readers the chance to win some great prizes.
In Brain Quest Blast Off, players journey through three challenge levels, each consisting of five knowledge areas: math, language arts, science, social studies and grab bag.
Astronauts Robert Crippen (left) and John Young wave as they leave their training base for Cape Canaveral - and tomorrow's blast off abeard the US space shuttle.
The public will be able to watch the craft blast off and land on its inaugural sub-orbital flight.
Metallic glasses may blast off now that sonochemistry promises an easy way to make them.
The open day was also an opportunity for Thinktank to launch its new Blast Off exhibition looking at space and space travel.
The Rosetta craft had been due to blast off from the European Space Agency's launch centre on the edge of the jungle in Kourou, French Guyana on Thursday morning but bad weather halted the countdown.
Heaven knows whether the work will blast off or flame out with revisions .
But the fossil hunt won't begin until 2013, when a NASA robot probe should blast off and return with rock samples two or three years later.
Featuring the voice talents of Emmy Award-winning actor Brad Garrett (TV's "Everybody Loves Raymond"), Tom and Jerry's newest feature-length animated movie Tom and Jerry: Blast Off to Mars is filled with out-of-this-world hijinks and wacky adventures, and will launch onto DVD and VHS on January 18, 2005 from Warner Home Video (WHV).
16, I stood in awe watching the space shuttle Columbia blast off into space.
The 60-year-old US businessman has paid Russia pounds 14million to blast off in one of their Soyuz rockets.