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Blast injuries to ocular structures and the visual system, with special emphasis on those injuries caused by the primary blast wave, are a significant concern among healthcare providers due to the high prevalence of blast injuries seen over the past two decades of conflict in the Middle East.
In order to better understand the expansion of high explosive blast waves in confined geometries of a building (Figure 6), 3D finite element modeling using the Ansys-cfx sotware was performed.
After the blinding flash and the heat there was an enormous whipcrack, followed by a huge blast wave which brought coconuts down, overturned lorries and scattered men like ninepins.
That way, even if the targeted aircraft eluded the missile or the direct effects of its blast wave, a piece of shrapnel from the cloud might be enough to damage an engine or sever fuel and hydraulic lines.
Created blast wave properties depend on mass and shape of the charge, material properties of the explosive and surrounding medium.
The blast wave was felt 80 kilometres away, registered more than 2 magnitude on earthquake monitors and claimed the lives of at least two residents of nearby homes.
Scientists study the evolution of supernovae into supernova remnants to gain an insight into the dynamics of these massive explosions and the interaction of the blast wave with the surrounding medium.
If the blast wave does not arrive within five seconds of the flash you were far enough from the ground zero," says the notice, headed "Protection against Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Weapons".
The massive explosion at Mari left 13 dead and scores injured, while the blast wave tore through a nearby power plant, leading to power cuts islandwide.
Given the explosion's characteristics, the most probable explanation for the uber-radiance is that the light comes from a blast wave created as supernova ejecta collide with a dense shell of material thrown off sometime before the explosion, Emmanouil Chatzopoulos of the University of Texas at Austin and colleagues report in the March 10 Astrophysical Journal.
What we found was a blast wave right across the whole galaxy.
These extreme pressure differences (blast-induced over--and underpressure) that occur as the blast wave reaches the body result in stress and shear waves.