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Rarely do they allow the audience to work; they revel in blatancy and didacticism, making points that few would argue with.
48) Commentators also speculate that the government will wait for cases where "the blatancy of the theft and the potential ease of conviction" are obvious.
The literary price is that despite occasional striking images -- "The earth is a beach that I visit, one foot in the sand the other on the back of a monarch butterfly" ("The Earth Is a Beach That I Visit") -- and apt irony -- "Friendship Cove actually allows the whales to choose / if they want to develop a two-minute friendship / with 50,000 visitors a day" ("Tank World") -- there is overmuch cliche alongside unhelpful metaphor and a blatancy about her likes and dislikes: "He was a moron, a cruel old bastard, a stinking specimen of a human being" ("Rural Victoria").
Cardinal columnist Bob Godley, a self-described "deep-water Baptist," agreed that "it is the blatancy of a few which creates a bad name for the rest.
The only thing remarkable about this incident is its blatancy," Bruce Long, news director at KHSL in Chico-Redding, California, wrote to the Internet journalism publication Shoptalk.
I was shocked but not surprised at the blatancy of it.
The other amazing thing was his blatancy in thumbing his nose at everyone by the ridiculously false names he placed on advert invoices with Scottish Autotrader.
It is like, or it is, brilliant hypnotic rhetoric in action which disguises, by a remarkable combination of blatancy and subtlety, its ineluctable movement towards a clinching climax which - and it is no good postponing the word indefinitely when discussing Wagner - intoxicates us, (P.
But some of this appeared blatancy self-serving, as when Lawrence Eagleburger, Secretary of State for the Bush administration, initially denied that there were systematic killings in the Serb concentration camps, saying only that conditions were "un-pleasant" In the 1980s, Eagleburger was a member of the board of directors of Yugo America (the state owned Serb auto company), president of Henry Kissinger Associates (a lobbying firm under contract by Yugo America and other Serb owned enter prices), and a crony of Slobodan Milosevic.
Scurrility, assaults, corruption, blatancy were commonplace.
Those who were there are still traumatized by its blatancy and extreme cruelty.
Aestheticizing this array of goods by turning it into a teetering monolith, Vo highlights the almost comical blatancy with which the gift givers sought to socialize his Vietnamese grandmother in the image of modern capitalist standardization--and this new, normalized identity would, Vo implies in other works, persist unto death and beyond.