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(3) The blatancy of the use of the rain shower to get Truman to go home implies that a certain laziness and arrogance has set in with the show's production team over the years, which supports my later argument that a certain number of glitches are inevitable.
Such an immediate apprehension of the film is understandable--as a high concept action spectacular designed to promote a high box office return, Rambo, in both its marketing campaign and its construction of filmic narrative, appeals to simplicity, blatancy, and legibility.
The judge told him: "There would appear to be not only an aspect of blatancy here but also of spite, and so there must be a substantial prison sentence." Swan, formerly of Park Road South, Middlesbrough, was jailed for 12 months after he pleaded guilty to nine offences of fraud between May and August last year.
"The anger evident in all this UN activity, and in particular the passion evident in the High Commissioner's choice of words, is founded upon the blatancy of the disregard of the law that has been evident in Gaza." (The Tablet, January 2009)
Here, the facts regarding appreciation differ so much from Starson in blatancy that the patient fails to pass even the Starson SCC majority's low threshold for appreciation.
Parody, refutation, revision, critique: these pointed terms do not quite capture the simultaneous blatancy and understatement of Bishop's allusive mode in "In the Waiting Room." Her response to Williams is most helpfully approached as a methodological problem, as strategic misdirection.
But even such blatancy and obviousness in this Time cover spread is not viewed by myth as problematic, for as Barthes notes,
Their TV romance was old school: all of the tensions and implications, none of the blatancy. As a matter of fact, whatever went on between these two star-crossed interplanet explorers stayed between them...although die-hard watchers of Babylon 5 swear that a lesbian kiss was edited out of a scene between the two--a theory the show's producers deny.
But the blatancy and bravado of their behaviour in capturing their cowardice on film proved to be their undoing as police arrested the young men following a year's surveillance.
Examples of individual paper topics include writing and power and politics in classically derived Afrikaans drama, Chief Bola Ige and the making of a classical orator in Nigeria, Plato and blatancy in E.
Although she felt this blatancy was artificial, she made the following statement: "Sometimes, I think we need to be deliberate before things are internalized." This statement was profound in light of the Filter and led the researcher to write in the theoretical notes: "Could it be that the Filter could serve a positive role in heightening awareness of issues of race, culture, ethnicity, and power?" For example, how certain groups of people are labeled might demonstrate this notion of heightened awareness.
A thorough understanding of Jerusalem--of its blatancy and nuance, meld and clash, heartbreak and hope, of its enlightened and beleaguered history--this understanding requires years, if not lifetimes.