blatant violation of law

See: lynch law
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Putting up a shrine to be used by members of a particular religion is a blatant violation of law.
He said that properties of the Mafia which have constructed multi-storey buildings or encroached upon state land in blatant violation of law and exploited middle and lower class people should be confiscated to make up the losses of innocent citizens.
Feingold's bill was addressing a blatant violation of law, the violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
CCP has termed the threat as blatant violation of law, and demanded an early public denial of the statement; otherwise strict action would be taken against him in accordance with CCP ordinance 2007, which pertains to strict action those who violate the ordinance.
The rights body has affirmed that discrimination in the provision of services or in organizational policies is a blatant violation of laws.
Despite the blatant violation of laws by falsely reporting the worker as runaway and keeping custody of the passport by force, the authorities seem to be the least concerned to do a thing about it, leaving the Indian Embassy with no option but to issue an outpass as the last solution and thus encourage rogue employers to carry on their nefarious activities unquestioned.