blatant violation of law

See: lynch law
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However, the BCS staffers are surprisingly silent over blatant violation of law on one of the major roads of the capital, who in routine even raze down temporary structures of poor people in the name of illegal constructions.
this is a blatant violation of law and Constitution.
"This is a simple, blatant violation of law," he said.
Putting up a shrine to be used by members of a particular religion is a blatant violation of law. Second, allowing a public place to be illegally taken over by one community, at the cost of others, is against the principle of secularism enshrined in the Constitution.
He said that properties of the Mafia which have constructed multi-storey buildings or encroached upon state land in blatant violation of law and exploited middle and lower class people should be confiscated to make up the losses of innocent citizens.
Feingold's bill was addressing a blatant violation of law, the violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
Such blatant violation of law has become a frequent occurrence in Karachi and no one seems to be bothered.
To make matters worse, one can see police and other law enforcement agency vehicles parked there with their personnel watching this blatant violation of law.
CCP has termed the threat as blatant violation of law, and demanded an early public denial of the statement; otherwise strict action would be taken against him in accordance with CCP ordinance 2007, which pertains to strict action those who violate the ordinance.
However, he said blatant violation of laws and fundamental rights had been committed by the respondents by deciding not to extend contracts of the petitioners.
"The use of this device is a blatant violation of laws on landmines and international humanitarian laws," said Brig.
The meeting was also informed that a concise statement highlighting facts regarding blatant violation of laws and rules had been submitted to the apex court.