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Chairman Janet Ellard said a custodial sentence was justified because she had blatantly ignored the ban and injuries had been caused.
But then Louis Saha goes through and from our view, he was blatantly obstructed.
And yet you get these people who are blatantly saying they are bleeding the country dry.
It was blatantly not a goal and it is one of the decisions that have gone against us this season.
However, it has become blatantly clear in the past year, that scheduled Japanese data hardly registers when compared to the influence risk appetite and aversion has on the carry sensitive currency.
He's walked away blatantly, just blatantly walking down the street and has got away with it, with the entire media interested in this and the police interest, he is still out there, he is still walking the streets a free man.
I don't know whether the fault lies with the catechist or the video but this is blatantly wrong teaching.
or being blatantly, or nearly blatantly, discriminated against," said Breymaier, who worked on the Chicago portion of a fair housing research study conducted by the U.
That doesn't mean you have to blatantly bleat, "Ugh--what were you thinking?
Let's face it, regional welfare is not general welfare and is blatantly unconstitutional.
To blatantly ignore the question and spew out messages like some string-pull doll is an insult to the interviewer--and to our profession.
EVA has been condemned and even banned for its sometimes blatantly erotic portraits of a child--but eventually has been accepted in art circles as a stunning collection of unique black and white shots.