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We care not how it happens, nor do we wish to hear a lot of blather about human rights.
IVOR Wynne Jones' anti-Plaid jihad in his column was the most ridiculous and spiteful blather I've read in a newspaper for a long time.
The rest of the texts are in similar vein and you wonder that publishers haven't cottoned on to the fact that serious, relevant and scholarly text doesn't necessarily cost any more than blather.
Dyson's impassioned screed blisters Cosby for not marking more of white oppression, systemic racism and the usual blather about what the white man has done to poor black people.
There is a lot of chatter & blather from the loopy left about getting a more secularized pope, a Pope Lite.
Obesity is epidemic among Americans, even our children, so the emphasis in Hand To Mouth on lifestyle and lifestyle changes is an intelligent, workable, and hard work alternative to the seemingly perennial blather of diet fads.
I'd supported Nader in 2000, and I'd never quite bought the blather that he had pulled the rug from under Gore, but this time .
All the trappings of fantasy are here: a feisty damsel in distress, treachery and betrayal, narrow escapes, villains who tend to blather on about their villainy (thus setting themselves up for defeat) and of course the heroes who overcome impossible odds.
The fact that writer Bill Condon, producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, and director Rob Marshall were able to cook up such a stunning reinvention validates musical essentialism and refutes any constructionist blather that they just "happen" to be gay.
What was never mentioned in the blather surrounding the Kerry/McCain plan was this: It wouldn't have taken full effect until 2015, and it would take another 10 to 15 years to change over the fleet to vehicles built to this standard.
Whereas Poitier felt forced to do assimilationist blather at the height of his success, Denzel has leveraged his legitimacy both in the mainstream and among his black constituents in a way that is both drastic and daring.
Despite all the blather and hype concerning the (late) release of Lotus' Notes client and Domino server version 5 groupware in Orlando, Florida next week, recent research has highlighted how companies are unlikely to attempt ambitious rollouts of new software environments with the Millennium bug looming on the corporate horizon (CI No 3,571).