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'We find it was a town hand,' said Blathers, continuing his report; 'for the style of work is first-rate.'
'There was two of 'em in it,' continued Blathers; 'and they had a boy with 'em; that's plain from the size of the window.
'Why, thank you, miss!' said Blathers, drawing his coat-sleeve across his mouth; 'it's dry work, this sort of duty.
'A little drop of spirits, master, if it's all the same,' replied Blathers. 'It's a cold ride from London, ma'am; and I always find that spirits comes home warmer to the feelings.'
Blathers: not holding his wine-glass by the stem, but grasping the bottom between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand: and placing it in front of his chest; 'I have seen a good many pieces of business like this, in my time, ladies.'
'That crack down in the back lane at Edmonton, Blathers,' said Mr.
Blathers; 'that was done by Conkey Chickweed, that was.'
'It was a robbery, miss, that hardly anybody would have been down upon,' said Blathers. 'This here Conkey Chickweed--'
Blathers, putting down his wine-glass, and clinking the handcuffs together.
'Think it's the same boy, Stupid-head?' rejoined Blathers, impatiently.
'Has this man been a-drinking, sir?' inquired Blathers, turning to the doctor.
Losberne for Oliver's appearance if he should ever be called upon; and Blathers and Duff, being rewarded with a couple of guineas, returned to town with divided opinions on the subject of their expedition: the latter gentleman on a mature consideration of all the circumstances, inclining to the belief that the burglarious attempt had originated with the Family Pet; and the former being equally disposed to concede the full merit of it to the great Mr.