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Examines "Democratic Vistas" as relevant to an understanding of the candidacies of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for president, since Whitman understood that "with each wave of progressive achievement, there is a backlash," and since he "would have welcomed the then-unthinkable prospect of a woman president and would have provided healing insight into the difficulty and necessity of performing restorative work to protect and preserve the American experiment of self-governance, inseparable from the unique condition of American diversity," even as he recognized the dangers of "half-brained nominees, ignorant failures, and elected blatherers.
Blatter and his blatherers will hold up rugby and ice hockey as examples of sin-bins working but football is the biggest sport in the world for a reason.
And so the whole tawdry freak show rolls into town once again - with its usual cast of phone-in drones, emotionally incontinent blatherers, and the odd genius.