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Anyway, the point of my blathering is not shameless self-promotion, but a genuine plea to have a gander at similar real life stories on the box.
57% of men admitted blathering, compared to just 37% of women
The sight of a distracted MTA bus driver barreling down the street while mindlessly blathering away on a cell phone.
It'll be interesting to see how Gary Lineker manages to humour the blathering idiot in the summer.
Please let me be the first to offer Maureen Dowd an organ gift she has so desperately needed all these years of blathering.
Ryan, a regular on at least two ESPN shows a week in addition to time spent blathering on ESPN radio and local TV, doesn't seem to mind getting plenty of camera time himself.
said that for the future we can be spared any bubble blathering for a variety of factors like strong demand, a tight supply and paltry amount of new home construction.
Especially as the dazed stranger is wearing a Rolling Stones bomber jacket over a fetching pair of blue pyjamas and keeps blathering on about a Vatican plot to murder him because he had evidence that proves the Resurrection was a myth.
For all its blathering about the ``truth,'' ``Dark Prince'' seems awfully content to rest upon the mythical legend (or legendary myth) of lovers entwined for all eternity.
Showing the kind of wisdom that only comes with age, Chelsea's pensioner was blathering on about the England manager's job.
ABC blathered along until ``Millionaire'' turned up; otherwise, it's still pretty much blathering along.
Recent bleating and blathering from Prince Charles about GM crops and the awfulness of them has now been roundly pooh-poohed by not only his sister, the Princess Royal, but also by his father the Duke of Edinburgh.