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You wouldn't know it from the blathering of countless columnists, but while Katrina was busy disproving some nonexistent policy of "small government," private citizens from unlicensed medics to New Orleans hoteliers proved their ability to keep functioning in an unreal city.
Sometimes with a mallet, the author of Training bangs out the injunction that the so-called Christians of his era related more to the glorified Christ than to the Christ who in many respects was as repugnant as an insane street person blathering about being the savior.
Fonda's latest blathering was no admission of guilt, and the so-called apology was as counterfeit as her treasonous acts were indisputable.
While the researchers reached the right conclusion, their recommendations to improve sex-ed left me pounding my head against the wall in blathering frustration.
This weekend Ms Shaw dug herself into a hole in an interview by reducing the journalist to tears and blathering on about a career that never was - after all, she retired at 24.
As I sat in the guest chair and watched the dock tick down to the fifty-seventh minute of the hour because someone could not stop blathering on about the legitimacy of the Banana Republicans, I considered telling Miles O'Brien that I was spending an unnatural amount of time in bed with Greta Van Susteren.
recounts conversations he's had with famous writers as well as with the blathering, sex-starved Professor Eschenbaum, who shows up in person to report his peccadilloes.
But there can be no mistaking the meaning in her conclusion, which modern politicians ought to be required to memorize before they start blathering about the glories of free markets and how governments are the problem.
I'M surprised that, bearing in mind your over indulgence of Mr Martinek's pro-Brexit blathering, you had the temerity to actually print a small piece pointing out arch Brexiteer Nigel Farage's blatant hypocrisy in taking an MEP's PS73k annual pension from the EU he's supposed to despise.
THERE are few things more annoying than somebody blathering on about how good things were in the old days.
So you're going to keep blathering on about it anyway.
It's going to be me blathering on about what I know best, specifically the psychology of food and the nature of the leak in my head about it.