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This from people who willingly listen to Sarah Kennedy shtumble through her shcript, shounding tired and emotional as she blathers on about nothing mosht morningsh.
While he blathers on about the injustice of it all, he'll continue to attract the wrath of English fans.
This inadvertently feeds into Brent's already misguidedly sizable estimation of himself, as he endlessly blathers self-aggrandizing nonsense to the cameras (his management style emphasizes ``team individuality,'' he proclaims, explaining in typical corporate boobspeak that ``nothing ever changes by staying the same'').
The next time someone blathers at you about gun violence, remember that the problem is not "gun violence," per se.
Things go further and further over the top as Buff blathers on, oblivious, with his onslaught against the theatre and its absence of drama.
So Cornel West can retain his star status in the white Left as he blathers on conspicuously about rampant "nihilism in black America," spouting breezy, warmed-over versions of the stock conservative - and utterly false - narrative of the fall from an earlier organic community, claiming that black Americans suffer from a "collective clinical depression," calling for a "politics of conversion" and cultivation of a "black love ethic" (is this Robert Schuller meets Barry White, or what?
The next time one of those smug marrieds blathers on about the joys of marriage, smile serenely and silently list the many pluses of not being half of a pair.