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"No," said his bride, "for how could we live by day, or sleep by night, in this awful blaze of the Great Carbuncle!"
Peter's Church; and finally perished in the great fire of London, into the midst of which he had thrust himself, with the desperate idea of catching one feeble ray from the blaze that was kindling earth and heaven.
"In this bag I have one of the boots which Straker wore, one of Fitzroy Simpson's shoes, and a cast horseshoe of Silver Blaze."
"A child would know Silver Blaze, with his white forehead and his mottled off-foreleg."
"Five to four against Silver Blaze!" roared the ring.
"You have only to wash his face and his leg in spirits of wine, and you will find that he is the same old Silver Blaze as ever."
"I was already convinced, or almost convinced, that John Straker went down to the stables in the dead of the night and took out Silver Blaze. For what purpose?
I only hope you'll take care o' yourselves, and not compromise nothin' o' your dignity, which is a wery charmin' thing to see, when one's out a-walkin', and has always made me wery happy to look at, ever since I was a boy about half as high as the brass-headed stick o' my wery respectable friend, Blazes, there.
The blaze swept through several houses along Mendez Street, Barangay Baesa in Quezon City, reaching the first alarm at 4:31 p.m.
Ghanaian hiplife musician, Richmond Opoku Ampratwum, known in showbiz circles as T- Blaze has said dancehall artiste Shatta Wale inspired his comeback.
A NICOLAI Bryhnisveen penalty shot and a man-of-the-match performance by netminder Matt Hackett secured a 4-3 victory over the Manchester Storm and two crucial points for the Genting Casino Coventry Blaze at the Skydome Arena.
AFLINTSHIRE pub and the flat above it were gutted in a major blaze.