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Rebecca's eyes blazed reproach, almost anger, as she said chokingly: "Oh, aunt Jane
A wind fresh from Europe blew over the ocean and rushed through the open casement: the storm broke, streamed, thundered, blazed, and the air grew pure.
He stalked across the mountains and the veldt, his eyes blazed like the lightning, and in his hand he shook a little assegai that was red with blood.
Golden patches of ragwort blazed here and there among a tangled mass of no doubt worthier herbage,--such even in nature is the power of gold,--and there were the usual birds.
Long had the smouldering fire of discord glowed between the tyrant father and his savage son long had I nursed, in secret, the unnatural hatred it blazed forth in an hour of drunken wassail, and at his own board fell my oppressor by the hand of his own son such are the secrets these vaults conceal