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16MP rear camera with PDAF and 8MP front camera 21MP rear camera with blazingly fast focusing speed and 8MP front camera
At first blush, Marina and the Diamonds' sophomore effort seems to be taking the Welsh ingenue in a new musical direction, but under the snappy beats and synthesizers Electra Heart has the same blazingly confrontational soul--just in a more polished pop package.
A filing earlier this year by the Texas Industrial Energy Consumers suggested that if the $9,000 per megawatt-hour cap had been in place during the blazingly hot summer of 2011, the total cost to Texas electricity users would have amounted to more than $13 billion.
NEW YORK: Apple becomes the focus of the technology universe on Wednesday as the world awaits a new iPhone with a big, beautiful touchscreen and connectivity to blazingly fast telecom networks.
Maia Makhateli is a standout for her blazingly quick Cupid.
We believe Clustrix's blazingly fast and powerful database will enhance our ability to innovate and continuously improve our customers' experience.
Fully attuned to the UAE's burgeoning appetite for gaming, Motorola Atrix 2 has been purposefully built for fun, delivering blazingly fast connectivity and packing a 1GHz dual-core processor for faster browsing and video.
Built for computer-aided design, digital media, entertainment, architects, education and independent professionals, the HP Z1 provides blazingly fast rendering and performance.
WASHINGTON, Muharram 26, 1433, Dec 21, 2011, SPA - In a milestone hailed by scientists as a key step towards finding another Earth-like world, astronomers announced the discovery of two blazingly hot planets roughly the size of Earth some 950 light years distant.
The full-featured Droid Bionic smartphone combines 4G LTE service, a dual-core processor, a large screen and the latest version of Android, making it blazingly fast.
"These fully-loaded and beautifully crafted smartphones offer a highly refined user experience with blazingly fast performance, a brilliant touch screen and an outstanding typing experience."
Even the pinks can be blazingly hot.The classic border dahlia is the Bishop of Llandaff, with scarlet, semi-double flowers branching from deeply cut and dark purple leaves.