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On another blazingly hot day, the South African carded a four-under-par 68 to move him eight under at the end of day two, two shots clear of Englishman Oliver Wilson, one of those with whom he shared the overnight lead.
Central Asia, the northern Great Plains and Canadian Prairies are classic examples of 'continental' climates, which do not benefit from this moderating effect and thus experience bitterly cold winters and blazingly hot summers.
The international climate panel concluded that somewhere between 2 and 10 degrees of additional warming is possible in this century, given the projected growth in greenhouse-gas emissions both in countries that are already wealthy and in those, like China and India, where the economy is growing at a blazingly fast pace.
Orchestrations are more low-key expert than blazingly virtuosic, and some of the chorus work is a little too clean for tales of lonely isolation and heartbroken alcoholism.
It was a blazingly hot summer in the Washington, D.
The DSPs used today allow blazingly fast servo feedback data, so the Servo HRV4 closes the current loop in 31.
This blazingly competitive two-mile handicap has fallen twice in recent years to the genius of Dermot Weld, first with Vintage Crop and last year with Media Puzzle.
A musical, historical and emotional odyssey spun around a blazingly popular Cuban vocal group of the '60s, "Los Zafiros--Music From the Edge of Tune" is an appealing mix of artistry, nostalgia and unspoken political overtones.
Most workers don't need the latest blazingly fast PC to do their jobs, and a huge investment in data storage simply to save employee e-mails and files makes no sense.
They wouldn't mind a few of the Welsh becoming blazingly successful as sportsmen, actors, politicians, poets and so forth, as long as they then allowed themselves to be taken to the great warm heart of the establishment and started calling themselves British.
In Don Carlos, by contrast, the emotions are what get laid bare in a rarely seen historical drama that director Gale Edwards has brought blazingly alive.
Yet thanks to Sony and its competitors, the advantages of removable media are blazingly obvious to consumers by now.