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This rush of diplomacy followed the debacle in Doha where all parties were supposed to start talking, but objected to the Taliban blazoning their office with a flag and nameplate, which included the words aACAyIslamic Emirate of Afghanistan', thereby claiming that they saw themselves as an independent and alternative government of Afghanistan, to the horror of the Afghans, US and Britain.
One of the things I really like about the styling of the coupe is that the designers have resisted the temptation for over-the-top spoilers or go-faster stripes blazoning its name.
But the worrying thing for me is that this is going through and no one is blazoning it from the roof tops.
Above all, such organizations emphasize the fact that they are nonprofit, blazoning their tax status as incontrovertible evidence of ethical purity.
Surrey played into their hands by boasting that his father would hold the reins of government during a minority and by blazoning royal devices on his own coat of arms.
The images in this exhibition were shot by Siber in Europe in the summer of 2005, but the ubiquity of English, whether in the streets of Paris or of Tarnow, is less of a surprise than the dreary universality of promotion, the repetitive blazoning of brand names, the ceaseless promises of the likes of Burger King and McDonald's--a numbing visual muzak.