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HERALDRY, civil and canon law. The art or office of a herald. It is the art, practice, or science of recording genealogies, and blazoning arms or ensigns armorial. It also teaches whatever relates to the marshaling of cavalcades, processions, and other public ceremonies. Encyc.; Ridley's View of the Civil and Canon Law, pt. 2, c. 1, Sec. 6.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The foal inside her was Aldebaran Light, who won three of her five races, and in due course her value increased thanks to a Grade 2 victory by her Hennessy half-brother Blazonry.
While gazing upwards with admiration at the beautiful contrast between a very deep blue sky and the snowy canvass outspread to catch the breeze, he suddenly beheld what is ever dear to the heart, and glorious in the eye of a Briton, the magnificent standard of England, unfolding its gorgeous blazonry in flowing contrast to both....
At the end of the book, the narrator, returned to England, laments the passing of it all: But I have seen it: the colours of western blazonry burning under the bright sun, castles of shimmering white marble, the Latin chant in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Satines, columns erected by the wise men of old and the soaring domes of the cunning Grifons.
Catherine Hall notes that these letters conveyed a negative message concerning free black people in Jamaica: the freed "West Indian" slave is characterized as lazy and insubordinate, and The Times journalist exhorts his readers to go to Jamaica "and view the negro in all the blazonry of his idleness, his pride, his ingratitude, contemptuously sneering at the industry of that race which made him free....
Barry Hills' charge had to pull out all the stops to deny Blazonry by half a length earlier this month but responded well to the efforts of his partner Dean McKeown showing a willingness to battle.