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If the villain must disgrace the family, must he blazon it abroad to every low-bred knave of his acquaintance?
Yet ordinary suicide would blazon the very idea he dreaded.
To-morrow the daily papers, all over England, would blazon out the news in staring headlines:
Most are simple, but elegant, engraved cards bearing the name of the owner; some, from the 1830s onwards, have the addition of heraldic or pseudo-heraldic blazons.
For example, Vickers compares French anatomical blazons and the woodcuts that accompanied them with contemporary anatomical dissections in order to argue that, whereas anatomical treatise relied upon a projected reintegration of the dissected body through medical knowledge, in the blazons, especially in their printed form, the part takes on the capacity to "[undermine] any integrity the poems themselves might have made" (8).