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Observers of the region have sometimes fretted that (critical) historical methodologies examining the period in question have become so entrenched in their narratives as to stifle interdisciplinarity, imparting a sort of backwards-looking bleakness on all they touch.
My questions, then, are whether those persons are right to reject the bleakness charge, and, if so, what implications that has for Cottingham's and Holland's concerns.
Her struggles have not prevented her from dreaming of becoming an artist, and this coming-of-age documentary shows her fierce determination never to surrender to the bleakness of her surroundings.
However, I became aware of a bleakness coming over me.
There may be no better vehicle for the expression of that bleakness than Stalker, with its characters sloshing about in a backdrop of eternal rain and meager accommodations.
Inset): The slick-tongued rapper conjures up garish, nightmarish images of modern inner city living that's got menace, social commentar y and an unashamed sense of bleakness riddled through it.
Lissa Price has caught the bleakness of existence for disenfranchised, powerless characters like Callie and her brother.
Becks ranger Barry Jobson, pictured, said: "After the bleakness of winter, spring is the ideal time to come outside and see nature wake back up.
When the bleakness cannot be conveyed in any other way, the film relies on lighting that is so dark that you have to squint at the screen to find out what is happening.
For some it's just an uplifting, colourful escape from the bleakness of the winter months.
There's a certain thread of urban bleakness running through a lot of them, like Massive Attack crossed with early Fleetwood Mac, but his rhymes are sharp, upbeat and infectious.