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In an interview with the Chronicle, Cabinet Local Government Secretary Hazel Blears today opened the door to a single elected Mayor for Tyne & Wear.
FORMER Cabinet Minister Hazel Blears last night said she will stand down as an MP at the general election.
Please include your initials and where you live * HAZEL Blears, former Labour cabinet minister, was giving an interview to Sky News when she asked: "Why are these kids not at school?'' Blears had clearly forgotten that it is August and that schools were closed for the summer holidays.
Summary: Former Cabinet minister Hazel Blears has said that an illegal immigrant had been working as a volunteer on her election campaign.
FORMER Cabinet minister Hazel Blears is helping to reopen a derelict pub.
especially if your name is Hazel Blears and you upset a lot of people when you had a very high profile (Panorama: Can You Forgive Your MP?
Roger Blears, the head of corporate finance at Martineau and former senior partner, is setting up a specialist consultancy advising on investment funds and technology companies.
Manchester (UK), Aug.10 (ANI): Former cabinet minister and Salford MP Hazel Blears's car was attacked on Sunday while she was canvassing for votes.
A LAST-GASP bid to save the job of a Civil Servant sacked for attacking Cabinet minister Hazel Blears over her expenses claims has been made - by Hazel Blears.
HAZEL BLEARS welcomed ''sensible discussions'' with party members after she survived a deselection vote.
CAROLINE FLINT and Hazel Blears need a reality check.
HAZEL Blears yesterday made a grovelling apology for her eve-of-election Cabinet resignation as she battled to save her career.