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In an interview with the Chronicle, Cabinet Local Government Secretary Hazel Blears today opened the door to a single elected Mayor for Tyne & Wear.
Ms Blears, 57, elected in 1997, was later caught up in the MPs' expenses scandal but rebuilt her reputation working on the Intelligence and Security Committee.
One might similarly ask Ms Blears, why wasn't the Prime Minister at Downing Street within hours of the beginning of the riots?
Ms Blears said neither she nor any other election candidate was in a position to vet all the individuals who volunteer to help during a campaign.
E x -C o m m u n i t i e s Secretary Mrs Blears, who quit the Government over the expenses scandal last year, said: "I can see myself pulling pints.
Here, Blears was doing her best to ignore a stalker - Panorama reporter Emeka Onono - but she still managed to be annoying (she didn't talk much, but did plenty of humming).
Mr Blears announced he would be stepping down as senior partner in July, to be replaced by Birmingham Post columnist and head of the energy team Andrew Whitehead.
Blears was at the centre of the MPs' expenses scandal, and she dismissed the idea the attack could be the result of a vendetta.
Ms Greenwood, an administrator for the department for children, schools and families (DCSF), was furious after Ms Blears - accused of dodging capital gains tax - waved around a cheque for pounds 13,000 that she announced she was repaying.
HAZEL BLEARS welcomed ''sensible discussions'' with party members after she survived a deselection vote.
CAROLINE FLINT and Hazel Blears need a reality check.
HAZEL Blears apologised yesterday for the timing of her Cabinet walkout as she faced a battle to retain her seat.