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The PSNI were called to the scene in Bleary, Co Armagh shortly after midnight following reports of a stabbing.
I WAS slightly bleary of eye on Boxing Day morning.
Forced to rub my bleary eyes and take a gulp of water, I studied the long, darkhaired giants taking up most of the seats in front of me and finally realised what I was looking at.
The stylish shop has just 10 pairs of original 1970s Dior shades in stock to help bring a bit of retro glamour to your look, even if the glasses are just to hide a set of bleary eyes behind.
Aching limbs, eyes sore and bleary, Struggling through mud Almost waist high, While scores of vermin Go scurrying by.
But on the morning after the night before, Sandra is more than a little bleary eyed.
Her erratic swaying impossibly quickened through editing, the dancing figure shimmers like a ghost in the darkened space, washed out to a bleary black-and-white.
According to a source on the set of her CW show 'The Beautiful Life', some days Barton used to show up to work so bleary that they had to hold up filming.
By the third round, though, Hamed's succinct assaults had Sanchez bleary, bewildered, and as bedazzled as his gold-glitter trunks.
As we set our alarm clocks at the start of a bleary eyed month of football thrills, it is sad to think that Stephen Gerrard and Danny Murphy will not be there to be part of it.
(The purest representation of this vanished libertinism can be found in Jack Warden's and Lee Grant's performances in Shampoo.) Barbiturates (and amphetamines, before the Warhol set popularized speed) may have been square drugs, but they were still drugs; the glazed housewives and hyper executives who popped them asserted the same bleary personal autonomy differing merely in style from the average hippy on psilocybin.