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We use industrial mixers that are designed to churn the contents for several minutes per cycle, to ensure contents are uniformly blended.
Additionally, the PEN/PPT blends with various compositions (1/9, 3/7, and 5/5) were preheated at 300[degrees]C for 360 min to yield the random copolymer first, and then the products of the ENPT copolymer were blended with PPT and PEI by coprecipitation.
The tax incentive, currently a part of the stalled Energy Bill and the Senate Transportation Bill, is a federal excise tax credit in the amount of one penny per percentage point biodiesel blended with petroleum diesel.
Passion flower, a Mexico native, lends a dry wheat flavor to blended teas.
The displays run through a title page to a dynamic display that shows the operator the preset and actual volumes of beer, liquor and blended beer, instantaneous flowing rates and running volumes.
Blended mixture then flows as a plug through a weighed downcomer directly above extruder throat, eliminating any chance of demixinc.
The direction you take regarding types of blended or flavored teas to offer is key to your future success.
The melt blended pellets were vacuum dried at 130 [degrees] C for 2 h and injection molding was performed using a Mini-max molder (Custom Scientific Instruments Inc.
Injection molding of materials blended in the twin-screw extruder was performed on a 77 kN electric toggle injection-molding machine according to ASTM D638 to provide tensile test specimens.