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Often, as we refine the design to make the ribbon blender more and more productive, we eventually come to this critical question: Is this an application that would really be better served with a different design?
Also in Vita-Mix's PBS line is its PBS Ice-Shaver Blender (with a 2-plus peak horsepower blender motor) that holds five gallons of ice and shaves the exact portion needed with one button touch.
Shows you what you need to know to use Blender software, the SI02 game engine, and iPhone SDK to create interactive 3D content for the iPhone and iPod Touch
Feeder can also be configured as part of the K4G continuous gravimetric blender where it utilizes single-point suspension weighing.
Switch rum for vodka to make a FROZEN STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI: Pour two ounces of rum, one-half ounce of strawberry liqueur, one ounce lime juice and one ounce of sweetened frozen strawberries into a blender.
The blender turned out to be what Dickson described as a
Once we have a properly loaded blender, with materials that flow correctly, and a properly calibrated load cell, the next thing to look at is the mixer level switch.
Ribbon Blenders are commonly used for rapid blending of dry powders, granules, pellets and other solid forms.
An important design feature that is standard on all Ross Vertical Blenders is the absence of a bottom support bearing, which facilitates complete discharge, simplifies cleaning and lowers the risk of batch-to-batch contamination.
Blender is a suite of tools enabling the creation of and replay of linear and real-time, interactive 3D content.
For a similar look - at a healthier price - check out the Breville Classique Blender pounds 59.
Verdict: This retro-style blender certainly looked the part but we found the glass jug heavy to use and a bit impractical.