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To ensure the observance of the blending ratio, the only technologies considered suitable are those that precisely weigh the individual components.
Custom blending is becoming more and more common in recent years.
ZSK corotating intermeshing twinscrew extruders in MEGAcompounder or MEGAvolume design for compounding polyolefins, engineering resins, color additive masterbatches, and blending reinforced plastics.
However, critics of blending say the process allows for a higher concentration of pollutants to be released into water bodies, potentially sickening more people.
Control of dispersed phase particle size is critical in obtaining adequate properties when blending for thermoplastic elastomers or rubber-toughened plastics (refs.
Polymer blending technologies are well developed for the case where the final part, such as a car bumper, is much larger than the size of the dispersed polymer droplet, typically 1 micrometer.
The blending of beer is an important stage in its production, particularly in the United Kingdom, where alcohol tax requirements make accurate blending an important cost-efficiency measure.
Applications include continuous blending of reactive components in making prepolymers, or in the production of synthetic resin (urethane or epoxy) products; proportioning and feeding of additives such as dyes, pigments, flame retardants, lubricants, peroxides, plasticizers, uv stabilizers and modifiers; and metered injection of blowing agents and blends for producing foamed products.
Blending is the art of mixing more than tea or herbs to create a blend.
This is due to the degradation of the polycarbonate during blending in the twin screw extruder.