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Changes of level in the land must also have been highly influential: a narrow isthmus now separates two marine faunas; submerge it, or let it formerly have been submerged, and the two faunas will now blend or may formerly have blended: where the sea now extends, land may at a former period have connected islands or possibly even continents together, and thus have allowed terrestrial productions to pass from one to the other.
Time was necessary to blend the numerous and affluent colonists of the lower province with their new compatriots; but the thinner and more humble population above, was almost immediately swallowed in the vortex which attended the tide of instant emigration.
Particle size in the dynamically vulcanized blends has a pronounced effect on mechanical properties as shown by Coran and Patel.
The OptiMISER System uses advanced formulation software, accurate polyethylene resin characterization and in-depth knowledge of resin behaviors to formulate recycled plastic blends that perform the same as--or better than--virgin materials but at much lower cost.
The effective development of multi-phase polymer blends requires microscopy techniques capable of showing the morphologies which result from various methods of blending and compatibilizing the base resins.
It is a leader in the specialty coffee industry and offers over 100 coffee selections including estate, certified organic, Fair Trade Certified(TM), signature blends, and flavored coffees that it sells under the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters(R) and Newman's Own(R) Organics brands.
A continuous blending device called the SmartBlender is creating polymer blends with novel properties by folding the two melts together, rather than distributing one evenly throughout the other.
Blends of two or more polymers are often used to combine the desired physical properties of each polymer to obtain an improved product.
has introduced Premium DDS Probiotic Blends, six condition-specific probiotic blends that contain Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1.
There are hundreds of specialty tea companies creating and selling tea blends directly to the consumer.