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She added, 'In 2012, Turkish President Erdogan declared his intent to raise 'devout generations' and former Deputy Prime Minister Blent Arinc stated in 2014 that women should not laugh out loud in public.
We welcome the Personal Representatives of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office Professor Ingeborg Gabriel, Rabbi Andrew Baker and Professor Blent ?
Every tear is answered by a blossom, every sigh with songs and laughter blent, April-blooms upon the breezes toss them.
12] Wei Huang, Jiuxing Liu, Blent Abali, and Dhabaleswar K.
The man on horseback blent with his steed, hinting at brotherhood to monsters in a myth, surrounded me with rumours of high origins.
Therefore, my lords, take heed lest you be blent "With all this wickedness; say no rash word Against me, being so beautiful; my eyes, Wept all away to grey, may bring some sword "To drown you in your blood; see my breast rise, Like waves of purple sea, as here I stand; And how my arms are moved in wonderful wise, "Yea also at my full heart's strong command, See through my long throat how the words go up In ripples to my mouth; how in my hand "The shadow lies like wine within a cup Of marvellously colour'd gold; yea now This little wind is rising, look you up, "And wonder how the light is falling so Within my moving tresses: will you dare, When you have looked a little on my brow, "To say this thing is vile?
Beginning where "flecks of fabric tangle with your hairs, / Trimmed nails, the dry husks of dead beetles, bottle / Caps flipped into a corner off our beers," he moves, with perfect cadence, to a conclusion in which he realizes "The skein of dust before my level eye / Is your self with my own absently blent / In life's terse record: its sloughed but faithful sty.
That semeth trewest whan she wol bygyle And kan to fooles so hire song entune That she hem hent and blent, traitour comune
The only explicit and overt signal in the first paragraph of a mystical dimension creeping up is the charming aside of Catullus extoling the local cypresses ("that a poet here once called candles of darkness"), but the reference to Wright's early Italian mentor--an abiding ghost of the place--is seamlessly blent into the natural flow of the sentence.
Cependant, une seconde operation de recontextualisation dans le fait urbain, propre a chaque cas, pardit necessaire pour en permettre la comprehension, car ces villes restent aussi des villes, et si certaines sem blent detachees de leur realite territoriale et sociale, c'est parce que cette realite existe aux yeux du chercheur.
Top leadership of Turkey including the Acting Prime Minister of Turkey Blent Arin and his wife Mrs.
Wailing on the altar stair, wives and grandams rend the air, long-drawn moans and piercing cries blent with prayers and litanies"--Sophocles, Oedipus Rex, lines 184-186