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A crowd of some eighty people--pilgrims and peasants, and especially peasant-women--stood outside waiting for Father Sergius to come out and bless them.
Bless my afflicted offspring that she may be healed of her malady.
Come and enter into me and cleanse me from all sin and save and bless my soul.
O Lord, our God, who hast poured down the blessings of Thy Truth according to Thy Holy Covenant upon Thy chosen servants, our fathers, from generation to generation, bless Thy servants Konstantin and Ekaterina, and make their troth fast in faith, and union of hearts, and truth, and love.
But, bless you,' pursued Mrs Boffin, 'if you could have seen him of a night, at that time of it
Noddy and me agreed to that, and he was right, and here you are, and the horses is in, and the story is done, and God bless you my Beauty, and God bless us all
There's a lot going on in Bless Israel; Be Blessed and at first glance one might believe it's a series of dissimilar threads leading in different directions; but by cementing the discussion with Biblical references in general and centering it around the story of Jacob in particular, Bless Israel; Be Blessed succeeds in creating a foundation for its revelations where scholarly readers can easily assimilate the qualities of God's covenants with man and its ultimate purposes.
God bless investment bankers, Lord And those who keep their loot abroad And let us selflessly applaud When they receive their bonus hoard.
Moses gets clear instructions from God on how a blessing should go, at least: "The Lord bless and keep you
bless the hurt between us, bless the new flecking scab,
eat of my game so that you may solemnly bless me' (27:19).
Graciously hear our prayers and, in your goodness and mercy, bless these boats and all who sail on them.