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The days were long, the skies were blue and on the west coast of South Island the beaches were blessedly empty.
Blessedly, few lives were ever threatened, but still, something very precious to this community was at risk -- its history.
that, blessedly unknowing then, you could not be spared
Blessedly, millions more people now have the incomes to live an American lifestyle, thanks to tow-cost Chinese and Indian products.
Parsons, aged 23, is also entered for the Birmingham meeting although, blessedly for the part-time librarian, his competition will be indoors among the programme of jumps tomorrow.
The sprightly 91-minute running time ensures that, unlike most weddings, our torment is blessedly brief.
The sprightly 91-minute running time ensures that unlike most weddings, our torment is blessedly brief.
Many things have changed, some blessedly so, calling forth new forms of mission.
Then he met his father, an "Auph," and spent two years in another dimension, a time he has blessedly suppressed.
But all those courses didn't keep this crowd from mobbing the dance floor, where Orlando's Hot Property mixed it up throughout the blessedly auction-free evening.
Peter contends that emails are more concise and often more precise than regular talk and are blessedly less intrusive and time-devouring than old-fashioned phone calls or lunch dates.