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It's all those blessedly ordinary, kind-hearted, anorak-wearing, fun-loving moments in between that have made Hayley such a touchstone for decency and goodness.
The working day can be quite long, though very late sittings are blessedly rare, but as well as being in the chamber or committee, there are often meetings, and of course research to be done and speeches prepared.
Laing guided his willing, valiant players through its demanding scoring, and it was good to end up with the happy tintinnabulations with which it blessedly concludes.
they yelled as one man and their men, blessedly disciplined, fought their way to reform as a ring of steel, breath blowing steam from man and horse.
Our state, blessedly, hasn't been inundated with political advertising this year, and we like to think that most viewers have learned to take all political ads with a very large grain of salt.
While the sound survey is not complete, it's a safe bet there are few national park soundscapes more blessedly free of human interference.
Kent's is mostly a blessedly traditional staging, set in the late 1950s/early 1960s, and Jurowski and company serve up crisp, clean playing, with brisk tempos that are never absurdly fast.
Air Force and all those who defend the freedom that we blessedly enjoy.
The days were long, the skies were blue and on the west coast of South Island the beaches were blessedly empty.
Blessedly, few lives were ever threatened, but still, something very precious to this community was at risk -- its history.
that, blessedly unknowing then, you could not be spared