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The national administrator for the BCS in Liberia, Christ Ambassador Moses Perekeme, lauds the women for hosting the Mansion of Blessedness 1st West African Convention in Liberia, noting that it came at a very auspicious time when the father's initial consecration message to the blessing Mother would be reechoed.
From a night of prayer on the mountain, Jesus emerged on the plain into the midst of His followers and crowds of people, to spell out to all with sovereign wisdom what true blessedness consists of and how not to squander it in this life (Luke 6:17, 20-26).
"The Christian life means living out the joy of this blessedness, wanting to live life as a love story, the story of God's faithful love, he who never abandons us and wishes to be in communion with us always."
We are indeed 'blessed', and we are to take this inherent divine blessedness seriously if we are to find true happiness and harmony in our lives.
Here blessedness and thankfulness are found within what is part of your lives.
Rahmatan lil alamin literally translates to blessedness to all, which refers to Islam as a universal religion.
(180-81) In the final study, "'Tears are the very wine of blessedness,'" Dimitra Fimi comments on Tolkien's notion of eucatastrophe.
The bliss, of course, was white.) But, abstracting from the American present, the myth of an original blessedness ruined by a Fall is a way of accounting both for the intractable injustices of the human condition and for the undying human refusal to make peace with such injustices.
The fact is, though, that women writers of the Romantic period hardly owed their authorship either to single blessedness or literary mansplaining.
Memory lingers awhile to seize upon the ideas common to the red and white races, which are found in the religions of these people, the hope of immortal life, an overruling providence, punishment for sin, the power of prayer, salvation by means of sacrifice and the blessedness of a pious life..
What you need most to become filthy stinking rich - sorry, enormously blessed - is about 95 per cent of absolutely no scruples, a soupcon of good fortune and a pinch of hard work in the initial stages of planning your meteoric rise from accursedness to blessedness.