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She might awaken, it was true; and on the other hand, and with equal chance, he might be the wrong man for her, and his declaration of love might only more firmly set her in her views on single blessedness.
Seek not Happiness,' Carlyle cries, 'but Blessedness.
How often now, oppressed by the necessity of assisting at three dining-room meals daily, two of which are conducted by the functionaries held indispensable to a proper maintenance of the family dignity, and all of which are pervaded by joints of meat, how often do I think of my salad days, forty in number, and of the blessedness of being alone as I was then alone!
The first part of that time of blessedness was the most perfect, for I had not a thought of anything but the peace and beauty all round me.
The Olympic victor, I said, is deemed happy in receiving a part only of the blessedness which is secured to our citizens, who have won a more glorious victory and have a more complete maintenance at the public cost.
Boarham; and as I would rather grow, live, and die in single blessedness - than be his wife, it is but right that I should tell him so at once, and put him out of suspense - so let me go.
For ABILITY-to-stand is a merit in courtiers; and all courtiers believe that unto blessedness after death pertaineth--PERMISSION-to-sit
And blessedness must it seem to you to press your hand upon millenniums as upon wax,--
Five days of undisturbed tranquillity, of delicious single blessedness, quite restored me.
Ho Mr Warsen, here's blessedness among relations, sir
Today, Elizabeth the prophet proclaims Mary's blessedness and calls each of us to follow her example.
In short, to send blessings on the Prophet is the foremost duty every of Muslim and this becomes a source of stupendous virtue and blessedness and the fountainhead of blessings in this world and in the Hereafter.