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In pursuit of World Cup 2018, David Cameron received Blether in Downing Street as though he were a head of state.
At a recent talk, he declared that the president of the USA interrupted trifling issues like war, financial meltdown and answering demands to expel Justin Bieber, to call him for a blether, saying: "Obama calls the home phone by the way.
I knew I could talk for Britain, but it seems I can blether for the world as well.
Mr Scullion told the jury: "John Docherty is a blether unless the subject is Elaine Doyle or where he was on the night she died.
Johnny, who plays Malcolm, said: "I like a blether and it's all in a good cause.
But he added: "We could have a blether, and if we end up talking nonsense, just have a jam on my penny whistle.
Next time you feel low, find a sympathetic friend for a blether - a shoulder to cry on is zero calories.
I help with the coaching of youngsters at Falkirk and was there to enjoy the game and have a blether with Yogi and Brian.
We'll have a cup of tea and a blether after the game.
I was speaking to him an hour or so before in the professional's shop and was looking forward to having a blether with him after his round.