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Blethering Referendum Monday, BBC1 Someone on Twitter called this "the Fisher Price guide to the referendum".
By the end of the night, his blethering war evacuee dad, a wife who trains him like a dog with sexual favours and Flanagan himself felt like old friends.
Comparisons involving the giants of yesteryear can be tremendously dull - witness all that blethering on about Arkle - but when jockey Jack Leach rattled off his autobiography Sods I Have Cut On The Turf on a wet weekend in 1961, he was setting standards for style, humour and candour that are hard to match.
Hugh Monaghan and Patrick McCoole had never met but got blethering after overhearing each others Scottish accents while drinking in a Coventry pub.
In Blethering Referendum tonight on BBC1, the funnyman takes a jocular journey through the political landscape, reminding viewers that the West Lothian Question isn't about being asked by someone looking for directions to Linlithgow and the Barnett Formula isn't hairspray.
uk found that blokes in Manchester blokes spent the most time blethering to their mothers - a whopping 58 per cent of their calls.
Janet said: "I called out to my husband, who was with me, that I had been bitten by something - but he just told me to stop my blethering.
He even had a lock for it to stop me blethering on it.
The Blether Zone: Children enjoy a gentle run while blethering with their friends.
And I am horrified by people who keep blethering on about being her friend.