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When Harley and Poppy came down from Aberdeen they were blethering away.
Parrot expert Yvonne MacMillan, who runs the sanctuary on the isle of Kerrera, Argyll,said:"WhenHarleyand Poppy came down from Aberdeentheywere blethering between the two of them.
There's one scene where he's in the car just blethering, but his nose and mouth and teeth make him stand out.
The two share a passion for performing on stage, TV and film, blethering about Alan's American citizenship, Stanley's mother, and of course their wide-ranging careers - including Stanley's own film days, particularly in The Fast Lady in 1962 with Julie Christie.
There was I, blethering on a couple of weeks back that you are a cut above the sell-your-soul celebrity, a feisty young woman who knows the value of relationships and then you go and take Ghastly Ashley back.
Did you hear this blethering bawbag during the Barcelona-Chelsea game?
In one quiet corner sat Tommy Sheridan and Paul Ferris blethering for Scotland.
Do we need to watch Rolf Harris blethering on about African art and others about the animals?
WHILE his sons were attending their granny's funeral, the Prince of Wales was on a school visit in Gloucestershire, fulfilling his royal duties by blethering about vegetables.
There can't be anything more infuriating than to be stuck in jams while men with yellow jackets stroll about blethering on their phones.