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Citing an initial report, Terre said the right tire of the plane blew off upon landing around 2:42 p.
The three men were in a rented house in Bangkok when an explosion blew off the roof.
An employee in the North Oil Company has been killed in an explosive charge that blew off under his car in the Zab township, 80 km to the southwest of Kirkuk," Lt.
HIGH winds caused traffic delays this morning after panels blew off the side of a city centre building.
The damage occurred after a metal housing for an air conditioning unit blew off and hit a telegraph pole while a house in Nant Peris, Gwynedd, also lost its roof and chimney in the strong winds.
In October 2000, workers blasting soft to widen a highway near Tel Aviv blew off the top a cave that had been covered by dirt for thousands of years.
SURGEONS were last night fighting to save the hand of an eight-year-old girl after a firework blew off four of her fingers.
Neighbour Agnes Burniston, 48, said: "Our house was trembling and a couple of doors from the kitchen cupboards blew off.