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The review sums up the efforts regarding host breeding against chickpea blight involving large scale field screening experiments as well as recent marker assisted breeding using the molecular mapping and QTLs against the different strains of pathogen.
The panel heard Blight joined the Welsh Ambulance Service in 1986, but in April 2014 a new job for a special operations manager opened up, and he applied.
Blight presents readers with interesting characters.
Combination of genes for Bacterial Leaf Blight resistance can be explored further in targeted research program for disease resistance.
America's pear industry was just hitting its stride in the Northeast shortly after the Revolution when fire blight struck.
Prediction of disease model would be helpful to apply two or three sprays of fungicides (Phenylamide and Propineb) to control late blight of potato successfully.
This was no blight, but a welcome alternative to energy from fossil fuels, which in some cases used to be oil delivered by truck.
Beaton's motion to dismiss, ruling that the City did not have the authority to condemn the property for the public purpose of eliminating blight.
The Keystone Communities program will provide funding support for the Northumberland Blight Remediation program.
A three-year trial showed that the potatoes are able to thrive despite being exposed to late onset blight.
Thanks to breeding work done by Johnny's Selected Seeds, Cornell University and North Carolina State University, gardeners can now fend off tomato blight by choosing from several good-tasting, blight-resistant varieties.
CURRENT blight laws need to be reviewed to assist people whose homes or land are affected by major infrastructure decisions taken in Westminster, a former Tory environment secretary said this week.