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The appellate court rejected this argument because, under the Missouri Constitution, the legislature must enact laws expressly granting or necessarily implying that non-charter cities have the authority to "utilize eminent domain to eliminate blighted areas" for such authority to exist.
The project will involve remediating blighted properties in Coal Township, Mount Carmel Borough, Ralpho Township, Shamokin City and Sunbury City, as well as communities in the balance of the county with high incidence of blighted properties.
The city owns nine other properties determined to be blighted.
5) One of the most popular economic development incentives, Tax Increment Financing ("TIF") (6)--an outgrowth of land clearance for redevelopment policies that permitted cities "to acquire, clear and sell blighted urban property using tax funds to remove blight" (7)--was initially designed to "eradicate blight or, in the alternative, halt the advance of blight.
By carefully weighing their options, developers and residents who live in blighted areas should work together to reach agreement on reasonable actions that make a plan viable and address individual interests appropriately.
He said: 'Soon after that this question of the site being under investigation came up, which blighted the property.
This government's position is that nothing happens until an airport is actually built, which means people are blighted and remain blighted for months or even years.
State and local jurisdictions offer a multitude of credit and incentive (C&I) programs to encourage companies to make investments in economically or environmentally blighted areas, and can help promote adaptive reuse efforts.
Disease development and symptom expression were evaluated by three variables: (i) shoot lesion length, (ii) number of blighted leaflets, and (iii) number of days for blight of apical meristem.
Last fall, the researchers offered cacao growers Trichoderma spores in the first experimental sprays for treating blighted trees.
Surgically removing a blighted building prevents the spread of the cancer.