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They went often ashore, and finally Paulvitch asked to accompany them--he too was tiring of the blighting sameness of existence upon the ship.
Poyser, opening the cupboard, turned a blighting eye upon her.
To me it was not difficult to discover how I could best foster my pupil, cherish her starved feelings, and induce the outward manifestation of that inward vigour which sunless drought and blighting blast had hitherto forbidden to expand.
The priest looked at him sideways, something bitterly - a dry and blighting smile.
O, weak, and selfish, and unworthy spirit, that could dream of an earthly union and earthly happiness as possible, after such deep love had been so bitterly wronged as was Beatrice's love by Giovanni's blighting words
This bureaucratic decision had something blighting about it; in a few words it contained the whole story.