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Thus the Frost-King lost his kingdom, And his power to harm and blight. Violet conquered, and his cold heart Warmed with music, love, and light; And his fair home, once so dreary, Gay with lovely Elves and flowers, Brought a joy that never faded Through the long bright summer hours.
'Iron Lady,' a joint breeding project between Cornell University and North Carolina State, resists early and late blights as well as septoria leaf spot, a disease known to weaken plants after they've set fruit.
The common and halo bacterial blights and BCMV are major production constraints of dry and snap bean worldwide.
From hugs and blights to fuel-laden, tinder-dry forests, Mother Nature is sounding a wake-up call that we'd all do well to heed.
By laying sheets of plastic across their fields, farmers can bring crops to market faster while reducing their vulnerability to many blights (SN: 12/13/97, p.
Russia grows between 35 and 40 million tons of potatoes a year but some parts of the country have experienced blights every year for the last decade.
Studies on this and other oak leaf and twig blights are continuing, but as yet no chemical spray has been registered for use.
Wessels highlights events such as the Great Hurricane of 1938, the near extinction and recovery of the beaver, and the spread of chestnut blight. A final chapter, "Forests of the Future," considers possible future problems resulting from new human impacts, exotic blights, and changes in global climate and pollution levels.
But decades of study didn't discover the small viruses thought to cause at least some of these blights. Now a researcher has identified and named the common culprit: Xyella fastidiosa.
A method of testing beans for resistance to bacterial blights. Phytopathology 38:757-759.
Almonga has good culinary quality and is resistant to halo blight [caused by Pseudomonas syringae pv.