blind chance

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But this did not continue long, for, either according to blind chance, or to the lines of fate written in the book of life ere ever the foundations of the world were laid, Michael was scheduled for an adventure that was profoundly to affect, not alone his own destiny, but the destinies of Kwaque and Dag Daughtry and determine the very place of their death and burial.
They were the helpless instruments of blind chance.
One night he went to the theatre, on the blind chance that he might see her there, and from the second balcony he did see her.
Unfortunately, every once in a while, blind chance causes a blip, and for David, that blip was meeting Elise.
Others in rejoinder posit the multiverse (ours as one of many) in order to argue that conscious life is still due to blind chance.
Sometimes several syntactic variants appear in a single linguistic/ pictorial field, as though following mathematical permutations or blind chance.
Under stress, the animals completed the test at a 65 percent clip, with many struggling enough to fall to blind chance.
However, every once in a while, blind chance causes a blip, and for David, that blip was meeting Elise.
Nor is this an attempt to reinvent the old teleological argument in a manner reminiscent of the anthropic principle; the human race now stands too close to the apocalyptic closure of time to use yet again the manifest delicate balance, which has created conditions necessary for life, as an argument only to be refuted by those who see nothing behind this balance but blind chance.
Was it in fact blind chance that brought the two old friends together?
One of Kieslowski's mentors, the director Krzysztof Zanussi, says Kieslowski was "long undervalued outside Poland," and that the Cannes Film Festival rejected two of his most accomplished films, Camera Buff (1979) and Blind Chance (1981), as the work of a "local artist.
Offering an analysis of various job positions and career-oriented implications, Men At Work will help women assessing prospective men, picking apart and excluding the unworthy and unworkable, thereby avoiding the heart-breaking process of blind chance in figuring out certain the pros and cons of certain male "breeds" through a random process of hit and miss.