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Market share analysis of the key vendors of the global automotive blind spot detection market?
Based on their observations, the researchers came to the conclusion that the neurons which would normally fill the blind spot using data from the patched eye compensated by stealing data from neighbouring neurons that were "seeing" the square, making it appear like a rectangle.
Unfortunately, blind spots can be so embedded in our personality that we struggle to recognize and address them.
The counterstep at each blind spot prevents eye and mind from anticipating what's next; there's a continuous absence of a sense of where you are, where you've been, and where you're going.
But Avery had a blind spot when it came to ethics--Government ethics--and that blind spot nearly brought him to ruin.
Whatever the statistics, Bob clearly has a blind spot when it comes to equality.
A sensor in a revolving door that caused a fatal accident Friday in Tokyo was apparently configured so that its blind spot was not the smallest size possible, sources close to the case said Sunday.
It's a blind spot in the history of Canadian film--omitted from serious academic and journalistic discussion--like the TSE itself.
If The Progressive has a blind spot, it is the promotion of our industrial economy, which is at the root of many ills, particularly pollution and war.
There are optical illusions that you can use to amaze your family and friends and even a way for you to detect your own blind spot.
The arrestee had been placed in a cell that had a significant blind spot and tie off points, and was provided with a blanket and towel even though a prior detainee had hanged himself in the same cell under similar circumstances.