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The introduction early in a man's rehabilitation of assistive devices, such as the braille watch that cheer-up visitors from the American Foundation for the Blind distributed among blinded American servicemen, who were able instantly to recover their time-orientation, also was intended to serve the same psychological purpose.
Case-studies: The Blinded Veterans Association and the Canadian Paraplegic Association
In Q3 and Q4 2006 we trained all of our ultrasound blinded readers to read more aggressively.
We have many important goals for 2007, including completing the blinded reads of the RAMP-2 images and releasing the results, completing the qualification of our commercial manufacturing facility, submitting the NDA, completing additional clinical trials that will strengthen our market position at launch, and beginning development of a new HDDS product that will fit the commercial infrastructure we plan to build for Imagify.
The Company intends to continue training the echo blinded readers in an effort to ensure that the gains in sensitivity do not lower specificity below targeted levels.
Training our RAMP-2 echo blinded readers to read images with increased sensitivity while maintaining accuracy is exactly what we set out to demonstrate and provides us with a considerable opportunity to optimize our chances for positive outcome," stated Sherri C.
One of the nine recently blinded soldiers who will attend the BVA Convention through Operation Peer Support is Sergeant 1st Class Jeffrey Mittman from Hoosier, Indiana, who joined the U.