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12) Beca use of the depth and range of physical and psychological challenges the blinded face, it is not unexpected that blinded veterans argued that for solidarity's sake they needed their own organizations.
Thus, for example, the American World War II blinded veterans' only initial reference point for thinking about their condition was the pathetic, dependent, helpless individual--the denizen of sheltered workshops or the street beggar--they believed blind people must inevitably be.
A third approach involves using peers as resources to help newly blinded older persons learn the skills and self-confidence necessary for living independently.
To demonstrate this follow-up interview technique, the MMPI and MMPI-2 were administered to a 31-year-old male who was adventitiously blinded (Harrington, et al.
Our goal from this 320 patient trial was for two-out-of-three "blinded readers" of Imagify-enhanced ultrasound images to be non-inferior to a single blinded reader of the nuclear stress test images from the same patients.
Based on feedback from our clinical investigators, who are key opinion leaders in the field, we were encouraged by the consistently high accuracy across all of the ultrasound blinded readers in RAMP-1, which gives us confidence in the performance of Imagify.
Holsopple, a clinical psychologist at New Jersey State Hospital, published an article entitled "Psychological Problems of the Newly Blinded Adult.
As the child tired from a long day's play, fails to recognize his desire for sleep, cries for attention and gets it only to burst into tears a moment later when he discovers attentions is not so satisfying after all, as the adult newly blinded may reach for one satisfaction after another only to find disappointment with all attainment (Holsopple, 1931, p.
We are encouraged by the results of the blinded reader training.
Acusphere plans to take advantage of the improvements from training by having the newly trained RAMP-2 echo blinded readers completely read all 457 Imagify images.
Health Net is proud and privileged to support Operation Peer Support for an organization like the Blinded Veterans Association that shares our mission of improving the quality of life for veterans with disabilities," said Steve Tough, president, Health Net Federal Services.