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BLIND. One who is deprived of the faculty of seeing.
     2. Persons who are blind may enter into contracts and make wills like others. Carth. 53; Barn. 19, 23; 3 Leigh, R. 32. When an attesting witness becomes blind, his handwriting may be proved as if he were dead. 1 Stark. Ev. 341. But before proving his handwriting the witness must be produced, if within the jurisdiction of the court, and examined. Ld. Raym. 734; 1 M. & Rob. 258; 2 M. & Rob. 262.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Descend your radiant armadas, Smite the false with true, Ere reason wither to that blindest root Uniting man with brute, And Silence answer questioning With bone-cold lips.
Prisoners are forced to take on the responsibility for their own redemption and rehabilitation, as the prison itself provides little in the way of resources or encouragement, and outside the walls society turns its blindest eye.
has quite simply taken refuge or been repressed in that most subtle and blindest of passions, as the story of Oedipus shows, the passion for knowledge.
Yet in Moby-Dick, Melville exposes as Ahab's madness his belief that the actions of a dumb brute attacking out of "blindest instinct" are somehow evil (144).
Moderate Muslim organisations have been condemning terrorism and preaching about the virtues of peace and tolerance for the past few years, but it hasn't made the blindest bit of difference.
Regarding Partytime's conclusion in which a bright flash brings what is outside in (Kane's exact move), Billington blithely accepts the implication: "All, literally, becomes clear at the end when a bright light that has burned into the room at intervals reveals the thinly dressed figure of the brother Jimmy, a victim of the state oppression to which the partygoers have turned the blindest of eyes." (18) Thematically, Blasted makes the same points, except that Kane abhors the vacuum and much more violently and accusingly shatters the safe insularity of her characters and her audiences.
English fixture making at its blindest and most absurd.
The modern realities of compulsory public schooling are becoming too obvious for all but its blindest adherents to ignore, and marginal alternatives such as charter schools, vouchers, and home schooling are chipping away at the monolith.
It was the blindest and most perplexing forest labyrinth conceivable; It was impossible to tell whither you were going, or whether you would stumble on friends or enemies; the regiments were split into little squads from which all order had disappeared, but which nevertheless advanced.
53 'Let fickle fortune runne | his blindest race ...' [Southwell] Index: let fickle fortune ronne.
One quite understands why they feel impelled to do it, but only the blindest believer in that misconceived adage 'Tout comprendre c'est tout pardonner' could find it palatable in a sophisticated society.''
Most importantly, even the blindest animal can easily spot a shiny face, uncovered hands, blond hair, a piece of white undershirt.