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Two players are blindfolded and designated as the deer and the stalker.
Blindfolded people in each of these three categories achieved roughly the same success at learning and remembering the positions of six different objects placed in a large, darkened room, the researchers noted.
But Tantobie player Craig Johnson, who was one of the four to be blindfolded, said: "It does make you realise how marvellous these lads are to play cricket when blind.
Eden Aberjil, 26, who left the Israeli Defence Force last year, was shown on Israeli news websites sitting beside a blindfolded Palestinian.
The traffic rules are designed in such a manner that if one followed them religiously, one can drive safe even blindfolded," said Anand.
This included being blindfolded and driven to a meeting place where I could speak to them as long as I agreed to remain blindfolded so I would be unable to identify them," he said.
Tony says, "I was a bit miffed why they were making me lie down blindfolded, then when they started to remove my socks I honestly thought they were going to tickle my feet (something I hate), but they started massaging my feet and legs and I thought, 'Hey if this is pay back bring it on'.
Royal Navy Operator Maintainer Arthur Batchelor, 20, pictured, from Plymouth, said: "It felt like emotional torture - we were left on our own and blindfolded.
But I wouldn't want anyone seeing me wandering about blindfolded.
HOSTAGE: Blindfolded Kenneth Bigley; DEMANDS: With American colleagues
Hell, he probably even played a few shots blindfolded.
More than 250 people from companies across the city have so far signed up for the 'I Dare' challenge and will experience the excitement of driving over a demanding all-terrain course with steep inclines, hill descents and a minefield - while blindfolded.