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Could she let the man who loved her--the man whom she loved--drift blindfold into marriage with such a woman as she had been?
It had led her blindfold to the house in which she and the preacher at the Refuge were to meet.
You see, the fellow can't have gone into all this sort of thing blindfold.
I thought of Hartright--as I saw him in the body when he said farewell; as I saw him in the spirit in my dream--and I too began to doubt now whether we were not advancing blindfold to an appointed and an inevitable end.
But Hugh, who had a sight as keen as any hawk's, and, apart from that endowment, could have found his way blindfold to any place within a dozen miles, dragged old John along, quite deaf to his remonstrances, and took his own course without the slightest reference to, or notice of, his master.
Mr Wegg, if you was brought here loose in a bag to be articulated, I'd name your smallest bones blindfold equally with your largest, as fast as I could pick 'em out, and I'd sort 'em all, and sort your wertebrae, in a manner that would equally surprise and charm you.
The blindfolds will be removed over the coming days in a move that will represent growing awareness of the situation as calls continue for more to be done to help people escaping from war-torn Syria.
Blindfolds Off gives you the opportunity to listen in on judicial thinking in one high profile case after another.
Students at Barr Beacon School in Aldridge wore blindfolds and sound-cancelling headphones and used a ball that emitted sound.
15 ( ANI ): A new survey has revealed that many couples resort to kinky tactics in the privacy of their bedroom, by using handcuffs, blindfolds and whips, to add an element of fun in their sex life.
WITH blindfolds in place, these bus drivers got a taste of what it is like for their passengers with sight problems.
Surely a rule should be introduced whereby the starter doesn't let them go until at least five seconds after all blindfolds have been dispensed with.