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The biggest problem would be if someone decided to run out in front of me while I'm running blindfold," he says.
Bus driver Joe Heron, from Gateshead, wears a blindfold alongside sight-impaired Peter Carling and his guide dog Willow, at Haymarket Bus Station, Newcastle PAUL NORRIS
But the blindfold sessions help pupils - many of whom have dyslexia - to "concentrate on other senses", think about language use and "communicate ideas".
Brief use of a trick, see-through blindfold led 18-month-olds to assume that a blindfolded adult could see objects in plain view, even though 18-month-old children rarely make such a mistake.
Workers from Boots opticians, Coventry Building Society and Randstad employment Bureau are among those taking part in a blindfold driving challenge in Fillongley, near Nuneaton.
Mr Furnace said the man often wore a balaclava during the attacks and lay in wait for his victims, equipped with a kit to tie them up and blindfold them.
They are, at once, the intimate version of his large sculptures, but made entirely of humble materials--wire, cardboard, blindfolds, industrial paint, and found objects--and the presentation of the formless through a play of materials that constitutes, above all, a political statement.
The guards stopped on the road and took off the handcuffs - but not the blindfolds - before delivering us to the entrance of the al-Rashid Hotel, headquarters of the international press.
We tried with the blindfolds on and, make no mistake, it's just amazing what they're able to do.
Astral Charmer Time to ban blindfolds Re the incident at Musselburgh on Monday, it's not the first time a blindfolded horse has collided with a racegoer.
TOP trainer Mark Johnston has called for a change in the rules relating to horses wearing blindfolds at the start of a race.