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Even under these circumstances, Martha Pierson would probably have consented to unite her fate with Adam Colburn's, and, secure of the bliss of mutual love, would patiently have awaited the less important gifts of fortune.
True, she was a sweet woman and an angel of a wife; but what if a Gorgon should return, amid the transports of our connubial bliss, and take the angel's place.
The basis of matrimonial bliss is secure, and all thy little defects and frailties are forgiven.
Now I am a wife: my bliss is sobered, but not destroyed; my hopes diminished, but not departed; my fears increased, but not yet thoroughly confirmed; and, thank heaven, I am a mother too.
With amazement did his eagle and serpent gaze upon him: for a coming bliss overspread his countenance like the rosy dawn.
Four rescuers arrived at their house and freed Bliss, a pupil at Aintree Daven-hill primary school, much to the relief of her worried mother.
When it came time to turn in a lineup card, Bliss was in the circle and Labbe was in rightfield.
But, eventually Bliss does recognize that in some matters she's been a little too dismissive and little too quick to judge.
Because Fort Bliss is on the brink of a population explosion, driven by the changing needs of the Army, the Corps is planning, developing and building what will amount to a small city for approximately 19,000 Soldiers returning to Fort Bliss from overseas installations.
Louis, Bliss expanded education and outreach programs and established an endowment.
Bliss said he and Nelson are looking for locations for two restaurants in Little Rock and one each in North Little Rock and Fort Smith.
It's comforting to know that someone in corporate America has done what it takes to bring us chocolate bliss.